Fondita’s objective valuation principles (summary)

It is possible not to calculate the NAV on Business Days when the value of the Fund or its investment vehicles cannot be determined precisely due to bank holidays or other public holidays abroad. Such public holidays may include religious holidays, National Days or other national holidays. The above may be the case at least when a minimum of half of the Fund’s investment vehicles are not quoted or they cannot be, in the Fund Management Company’s view, valued in an acceptable way in view of the equality of unitholders. Information on the days when the Fund’s value is not calculated is available from the Fund Management Company. Information about the fund unit value is also available from the Fund Company. The value of the fund is calculated so that the liabilities of the Fund are deducted from its assets. The value of the Fund’s securities shall be established on the basis of their market value at 3 p.m. (Finnish time), which is the last transaction price. If the above mentioned transaction price does not exist on the valuation date, the last available transaction price shall be used provided it falls within the buy and sell listings. If the last transaction price is higher than the sell listing or lower than the buy listing, either the buy or the sell listing shall be used depending on which is closer to the last transaction price. If no reliable market value is available for the securities, they shall be valued in accordance with the objective principles of the board of the Fund Company. The interest of the accounts receivable affects the value of the Fund and is considered in accordance with the bank statement. The value of holdings in the Fund in currency amount is converted into euros according to the exchange rate published by a public forex data provider at 3 p.m. (Finnish time). Units in the Fund may be issued in currencies other than euro. If units in the Fund have been issued in currencies other than euro, the net asset value of the fund units denominated in foreign currencies will be calculated at the same exchange rates as the Fund’s net asset value. The value of a fund unit is calculated by dividing the value of the Fund with the number of shares issued, noting however, that the value of the return units reflects yield paid to those units. The proportional values of the return and growth units are determined by the return allocated to the owners of return units. The allocation payment changes the accounting number between the return and growth units. This accounting number is used for the following decision in case there is a lack of allocation of return.

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